The Cloister Room 048 - The HADS Is, Not The HADS Are

For the third consecutive week, that mysterious traveler in time and space known only as the Doctor has returned to our screens, and this time he’s brought us to the North Pole for an encounter with one of his oldest and deadliest foes. Meanwhile, Tom has been monitoring the Twitterverse for some kind of fan consensus on the current season of Doctor Who, and Louis laments the lack of discipline in the Soviet Navy. And while all this is going on, the classic Doctors all enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the Shire.

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The Cloister Room 047 - Magic Songs Are Her Bit

Another week, another new episode of Doctor Who. This time around, The Rings of Akhaten brings Tom to a moment of personal crisis, while Louis finds himself moved to reminisce about Worlds of Warcraft gone by. The two intrepid podcasters face their most daunting challenge ever: a pronunciation conundrum. Plus: we puzzle over Zygon plots and aging Doctors.

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The Cloister Room 046 - For The Win!

A new series of Doctor Who is upon us, so—oh, wait, it’s not a new season, it’s just... more of the previous season? I guess? So, Tom and Louis discuss the first—d’oh, I mean sixth, or maybe seventh, I dunno—episode of the current series and discuss their thoughts on the series’ current direction, while speculating pointlessly about what will happen next. Plus, the 50th anniversary casting bombshell is discussed, Louis wonders about River’s history with the Tenth Doctor, and Tom misremembers the ending of The Web of Fear. Where else can you get such scintillating discussion about Doctor Who? Possibly somewhere, I guess, if you look around, but there is no need to look around because a new episode of THE CLOISTER ROOM is right before your eyes! And ears.

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