TCR 012: The FOX Factor

This week, it's a slightly abbreviated Cloister Room, as Tom talks about the recent setbacks with the US version of Torchwood. There are some interesting implications if you read between the lines.

Check out Tom's review of Victory of the Daleks:

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TCR 011: Mo Monsters Mo Problems (16 April 2010)

This week on The Cloister Room, Tom digs into Doctor Who: The Beast Below and Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo, with some kind words for Ashes to Ashes as well.

In Act One, it's all about the monsters, and whether Doctor Who always needs them. In Act Two, Tom makes some minor complaints about how the final season of Lost is going. But in Act Three, Tom turns it around and brings the optimism, praising the first two episodes of series three of Ashes to Ashes.

All this plus the Dune Quote of the Week!

Check out Tom's review of The Beast Below:

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TCR 010: The Fish Custard Dating Controversy

In this episode, Tom shares some brief considerations on the most recent episodes of Doctor Who and Lost.

In Act One, it's all about the Doctor and the companion keeping secrets form one another. In Act Two, Tom discusses the Fish Custard Dating Controversy. In Act Three, Tom explains why, if anything happens, Desmond Hume will be his constant.

All this plus the Dune Quote of the Week.

Check out Tom's review of The Eleventh Hour:

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TCR 009: NOT about Matt Smith


In this episode, Tom does not talk about Matt Smith or Steven Moffatt or Series Five or any of the amazing things that are going to happen tomorrow.

Instead, he goes ahead with the episode he was planning on doing two weeks ago, reviewing the Klein stories by Big Finish, and talking about recent mythological revelations on Lost. And at the end, some impromptu reviews of classic series episodes.


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