TCR 003: Man, O Mandalorian! Ha! After a brief dry spell, you thought this rookie podcast didn't have the staying power to last more than two episodes. But you were wrong, buster.

Last time on the Cloister Room, Tom promised a discussion of Star Wars. This week, he deviates from his plans but still fulfills the promise by talking about canonical issues in Star Wars. Also included is a defense of canon in Doctor Who. All this and also the Dune Quote of the Week in the third exciting episode of this rookie podcast.
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The Cloister Room promo Have a podcast? Want to run a promo for The Cloister Room? Well, please do!
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TCR 002: O Captain! My Captain! This week on The Cloister Room, Tom takes a look at Captain Jack Harkness: the background of the character, the major events that have shaken him in Children of Earth, and his thoughts on the character's direction for the future. But that's only one of the four acts in this episode. Tom also discusses the recently unveiled trailers for the upcoming specials and Russell T Davies' attitude on religion in Torchwood: Children of Earth. It's far and away the most jam-packed episode yet, which, Tom admits, is really not saying much, as it's only the second one!

Useful Links:
The Waters of Mars Trailer (youtube)
The End of the World Trailer (youtube)
The Minute Doctor Who Podcast (discussed in this episode)

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